10 Startups That Will Change The Electric Fireplace Wall Industry For The Better

10 Startups That Will Change The Electric Fireplace Wall Industry For The Better

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An Electric Fireplace Wall Can Be a Great Addition to Your Home

A wall-mounted electric fireplace can make your home feel more comfortable. They are easy to put up and come in a variety of sizes. They can be incorporated into existing walls, or placed on top of an existing wall.

Before starting the installation, you must read the instructions provided by the manufacturer thoroughly. They should provide specific details about framing, secure the unit, and wiring.


A wall-mounted electric fire is a popular option for modern homes. It is easy to install and doesn't require structural modifications to your home. It is easy to connect the electric system to your home. There are a few points you need to consider prior to installing a wall-mounted fireplace. First, make sure the fire is at least 400mm away from any combustible fabrics. Also, make sure that the heater - which sits in the bottom of the firebox is not in contact with any fabrics or other objects. This will stop any accidental burns from happening.

Another thing to think about prior to installing a wall-mounted electric fire is the kind of installation you'd like to have. Some models are designed to be flush mounted, while others are built into the wall. If you want a contemporary sleek design then the latter choice is the best choice for you. Once you've decided on the kind of installation you want be sure to read the owner's manual for more specific information about framing, securing the unit and wiring.

After you've determined where you'd like your fireplace be placed Measure the opening of your wall and mark it with a pencil. Utilize a spirit level gauge to ensure the studs are straight and there's enough space between them. If you are installing a fireplace that is recessed, make sure to add an electrical outlet to the wall, in accordance with local codes. After that, you should put a piece or fascia to cover the outlet and plug.

The next step is to construct a frame for the fireplace wall. Then, line up the fireplace frame and studs according to the layout marks on the bottom and top plates. Then, screw the frame into the wall. Then, place the fireplace in place and then place a piece of decorative glass on top to complete the look.

Before you begin any electrical work, connect your fireplace to test it. If it doesn't work, you should talk to an electrician who can help you.


No matter if you have a freestanding or wall-mounted electric fireplace, you should still take certain safety precautions. The most important thing to do is ensure that your fireplace is securely installed and is not in close proximity to anything that could ignite. You should also inspect your electric fire on a regular basis for signs of wear and maintenance and schedule regular service.

First, you should go over the instructions for the fireplace you have chosen carefully. This will provide you with an idea of how to put it in place it. Before you can use the fireplace, you'll have to attach the firebox to the wall bracket. This may be a simple or difficult task depending on the model that you choose. You can always ask for assistance from a professional if you are uncertain.

Also, make sure that the fireplace isn't too close to any flammable furniture or other objects. It should be at least four feet away from material that is flammable, and you should also keep the area clear of rugs, curtains, and other flammable objects. Install a child-proof barrier to keep small children from accidentally touching the fireplace.

Keep your electric fireplace clear of anything that may catch fire including clothing and paper products. Keep it out of reach of animals and children. It should be hung on the wall in a place where it cannot be easily smashed down.

Also, not use extension cords when you are using your electrical fireplace. They could cause overheating, which can be dangerous for your family. Instead utilize the power cord that came with your fireplace, or a high-quality extension cord that is properly approved for the wiring in your home. Use a surge protector as well to safeguard your home from power spikes. Regularly inspecting your electric fireplace for signs of wear and tear is a great method of ensuring that it is safe to use. Beware of using your electric fireplace as a primary source of heat, or leaving it unattended.

The following are some examples of

A wall hung electric fireplace is a fantastic addition to any room. It can add both visual appeal and warmth any room, and is also a great method to conserve energy. It is crucial to choose the best model, because there are many types of electric fire places on the market. To make sure you get the best one, consider some of the most crucial features.

When selecting an electric fire, the shade of the surround must be taken into consideration. It can be constructed from glass, wood or metal and finished in a variety of shades. It is important to choose a color that complements the furniture that is in the room.

Another feature to look for in a wall-mounted electric fireplace is the capacity to adjust the intensity of the flame. Also, it is important to look at the settings for heat. A higher setting will generate more heat while an lower setting creates more subtle flames.

Certain models also come with the option to turn the flame off and not heat the room. This is a wonderful feature for people who have small pets or children. Cool glass is another option worth considering. It reduces the heat transfer through the glass.

There are several different styles of electric fireplaces that can be installed on the wall. For instance, some fireplaces can be recessed into the wall and others are surface-mounted. This is an ideal option for those who wish to avoid the mess and expense of installing a traditional fireplace in their home.

A wall-mounted electric fireplace is a low-cost and easy-to-install option for those looking to create a relaxing ambiance to their living space. They are available in a variety of sizes, and you can even get ones with built-in speakers. They can be positioned in the living room, or in the den.

One of the most recent electric fireplaces is the Scion Trinity, which has unique multi-sided design and a more customizable appearance than other models. Kuefler states that this design gives greater flexibility in finishing materials than fully or partially recessed electric fireplaces that are required to be fixed to wall studs.


A wall-mounted electric fireplace can be a beautiful feature for any home. However, it could be costly to install. Take into consideration all costs associated with this kind of project. Included in these costs are the fireplace, the installation, and any ongoing operating costs. It is also important to take into consideration the way in which the fireplace will be used in your home.

There are several types of electric wall fireplaces. Some models are prefabricated and can be installed by contractors without the need for complicated wiring. Some are more complicated and require framing into the wall. The ones that are built-in to the wall could require demolition, drywall repair and electrical work. In general, those built-in will be more expensive than those that are prefabricated.

Recessed designs are one of the most effective alternatives for wall mounted electric fire places. These units can be installed into a wall and hidden behind a flat-screen television. They feature front vents to allow for safe airflow and can be used in rooms up to 400 square feet. Some models have decorative surrounds which enhance the overall appearance of the fireplace.

Another option for a wall-mounted fireplace is one with a wide frame and narrow elongated shapes. This style is ideal for a corner or electric fireplace even over the sofa or cabinet. It could also be used under a TV that is mounted on a wall. It comes in a variety of frame finishes - from sleek black to stainless steel and can be colored to match the wall, or contrasted with it. This is a plug-in unit that doesn't require any hardwiring.

Some electric fireplaces that are mounted on walls are equipped with additional features, such as remote controls and timers. They can also emit crackling sounds or simulate smoke, and some even have an adjustable flame brightness. These additional features can lead to an increase in cost, so make sure you factor them into your budget when comparing units.

Other factors can also affect the price of an electric wall fireplace. The size of the fireplace, and the amount it produces of heat will affect the cost. The smallest units are typically priced less than $500, while larger, more complex units can run up to $2000.

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